Our Approach

Your SAT/ACT and GMAT/GRE scores don't have much ability to predict how well you'll do in school after you're accepted.  However, your test scores have a LOT of ability to predict which schools will accept you in the first place.

To do well on these tests you really have to master three things.  First, you have to know stuff (you have to know how to do that exponent problem and if the subject matches the verb - sorry no way around it).  Don't worry - we'll teach you that stuff!   But that's only about 50% of doing well.  

Second, you have to understand what each question is asking you do to.   The test uses very specific language and expects you to do very specific things.  If no one has taught you the language (we call it "test code") you may not even really understand what the heck the question is asking you to do.  That's about 25% of doing well. 

Finally, you need to understand how the test scores you and what that means in terms of test strategy.   You need to know when to skip questions, when to guess, when to dig in and spend time on questions and have a pacing strategy that works for you.   That's the other 25% of doing well.    

The problem is, no one really teaches you those last last two things.  So really smart people with really good grades struggle with the tests every day. 

That's where we help.  From the very first lesson, we not only teach you how to do that exponent problem, but we start lifting the veils and demystifying the test. We show you what the questions are actually asking for, what you need to do to get the right answer and how to pace yourself to get the highest score. 

After just one lesson most students are amazed at how easy the test suddenly seems and we've had a number of students literally burst out laughing when they get how the test works.  You still have to learn a bunch of stuff and study hard but the test itself is no longer a mystery.  


Our Founder

​Get into your first choice school!

Bruce Hanson has an MBA from Wharton, received his teaching certificate from Grinnell College and is a test prep instructor at UCLA where he also designs and implements their test prep curriculum.  

After business school, Bruce followed a traditional MBA career path which included marketing for General Mills and working as a marketing and financial strategist for several successful start-ups in Silicon Valley.  

Eager to launch his own business and return to his first passion - teaching - Bruce founded First Choice Admissions.

Combining his analytical and teaching skills, Bruce spent untold hours breaking down thousands of SAT, ACT, GMAT and GRE questions to create his own rigorous system designed to significantly raise students' scores. 

Not surprisingly, his strong teaching background combined with his relentless analytical approach to improving scores works!  

First Choice has a track record of success and Bruce's curriculum and approach to test prep has been adopted by UCLA where it has helped hundreds of students improve their scores.   We're sure it can help you too!