​Get into your first choice school!

First Choice was a life saver!  My daughter has been struggling with test taking for years.  Her results on her SATs were clearly not a good indicator of her academic abilities.  Last winter she had participated in a 6 week long course given by another well known company.  The results?  Her scores actually went down.  My daughter worked with Bruce for 4 weeks this fall...re-took the test, and scored considerably higher in almost every category even though the focus with Bruce had been on reading comp only. Bruce is an intelligent, patient, punctual, knowledgeable, and caring tutor that I would highly recommend to all! Lisa W.

First Choice is fantastic.  Bruce teaches concepts really clearly and he also builds your confidence at the same time.  I started out thinking there was no way I could beat the GMAT.    Bruce was super-motivating.  He gave me so many skills and so much confidence I ended up going from a 570 to a 670.   I’m applying to Wharton, Duke and University of Chicago.  Christine S.

Five sessions with Bruce did what an entire GMAT course couldn’t – raise my score from 670 to 720.   I am now able to get into UCLA! Michael H. 

Bruce is the best tutor I’ve ever had. Bruce was able to identify my weaknesses and gave me strategies that worked. During our interaction, Bruce gave me methodologies to not only deal with the subject matter, but he also had better insight into how standardized tests worked and what I needed to do to improve my scores. I recommend Bruce wholeheartedly as a great tutor and advisor. Justin K.

Bruce is an outstanding tutor.  He is an excellent teacher but he does a lot more. He really connected with my son and motivated him to study and apply himself on the SAT.  His score shot up over 100 points.  We used other tutors and Bruce is by far the best. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Joel D. 


​Bruce is the best SAT tutor I’ve worked with.  He made learning interesting and motivating.  He knows the test and is great at explaining things in a way I understand.  I worked with another tutor and my score went down.  When I worked with Bruce my score went up over 150 points and I’m applying to colleges that I couldn’t have gotten into before. Matt D

Bruce has the key to the GMAT labyrinth!.  During my first tutoring session with Bruce, I joked that it would be great if he had the key and after working with him I can truly say, he does!    Bruce has an excellent demeanor and affable personality.   His teaching style is well organized and he makes it easy to learn concepts that I previously found very challenging.  I would recommend Bruce to anyone who is serious about improving their score on the GMAT/SATs/Etc. Julienne D

I would highly recommend First Choice to anyone who is looking to take their score to the next level and develop an air confidence come test day. Working with Bruce provided me with a skill set that was unmatched from my experience with other GMAT study programs. His knowledge of the material allows him to offer a personalized study plan while growing one's foundation. Bo E.

I can’t recommend First Choice highly enough.  I always had really good grades but for some reason I just couldn’t score well on the SAT.  My test scores were keeping me from applying to the schools I really wanted to go to.  After a few sessions with Bruce my skills and confidence improved dramatically.  I could feel myself get better really fast.  He is a great teacher and taught me math and grammar skills in a way I understood quickly and easily.  Beyond that, he motivated me and made me believe I could do well.  I improved over 200 points.  Jamie M. 

Bruce is the best SAT teacher I’ve ever had.  I needed to get over a 500 on my reading SAT to apply to The Rhode Island School of Design and The Art Institute of Chicago.  I took an SAT class and my scores went down.  After a few sessions with Bruce, the test became really clear.  I understood the concepts and the SAT so much better.  I could feel myself get better after every session.  Bruce is just a really great teacher. My score went up from a 460 to a 520 in five sessions.  Lola L.