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Tips for Picking the Right Tutor 

As you've probably noticed, tutors come in all sorts of experience levels, price points and personalities.  It's confusing to pick the right one.  Regardless of whether or not you pick First Choice Admissions, here are some tips that will help you choose the right tutor for you.

First, don't be too impressed by a tutor who attended a fancy school, earned an impressive degree and achieved a very high test score   Knowing the material and being smart is important but not nearly as important as being able to teach extremely well.  

After all, the point isn't how well THEY did on the test - the point is how well YOU are going to do on the test.  We've all had the experience of sitting in math class with a teacher who was really smart but couldn't teach you algebra to save his life.  Don't get caught in that trap.   Make sure your tutor is an exceptional teacher. 

Look for a tutor who has teaching experience and a track record of raising scores. Also, look for a tutor who has recommendations and is willing to share references. Good tutors have lots of people who are raving about them!

Don't assume that the highest priced tutor is the best tutor.  The fact is a really expensive tutor could be awesome for one student and terrible for another student. Getting the right tutor is all about getting the right fit.  A more modestly priced tutor might be the perfect tutor for you.  Did we mention the fit thing?

Definitely interview any perspective tutor.  A good tutor/student relationship really comes down to communication and trust.  The only way you can get a sense for that is by talking to them.  Understand their particular style and make sure it's a good fit for you.  Get a sense for how they teach, how they explain things and how motivating they are.   A good tutor should inspire you and get you excited to tackle any test challenge!

Tutors that are really good won't want to work with someone they don't think they can help.  Reputable tutors will give you a free consultation so you can get to know them and they can get to know you.  The whole point to is get the right fit with the right tutor so your scores go up and you can get into your dream school!

We hope these tips help!