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In 90 days you can score 675 the GMAT and over 325 on the GRE

Hi!  I'm Bruce Hanson.  I've taught test prep for 10 years, coached over 1,000 students and learned 1 lesson over and over again...

  • just about ANYONE can score 720+ on the GMAT
  • just about ANYONE can score 325 + on the GRE

You can too!  The trick is knowing what the test ACTAULLY tests you on and what you ACTUALLY need to study (hint:  it's only kinda about English and math). 

After you understand how he test REALLY works, things get A LOT EASIER!  That's when you're studying becomes SUPERCHARGED and you score ROCKETS UP!

Most students are only about 90 days away from getting a top score and being competitive for the most elite business schools and graduate programs in the country.  So what are you waiting for?


I offer a FREE 1/2 hour consultation AND a Money Back Guarantee!

A bit about me:  I have my MBA from Wharton and I wrote the GMAT and GRE curriculum for UCLA and taught it for years.  That's how I know for sure I can help you ace the GMAT and the GRE.


I'd like a FREE 1/2 hour consultation

Eric Latham

Academic Program Director - UCLA

I had the pleasure of working with Bruce as an instructor for the GMAT and GRE test preparation courses.  Bruce is an exceptional and passionate test prep instructor who has an ability to break down complex information into easy to understand parts and make challenging material fun and digestible.  Bruce was also consistently rated by his students as one of the top instructors at the school.

Is Your Score Stuck?

No matter how much you study or how many fancy courses your take - does your score refuse to budge? You're not alone - it's SUPER common and SUPER frustrating.  The same thing happened to me and I almost gave up. GOOD NEWS:  I figured out how to get my score unstuck.  EVEN BETTER NEWS: I can get YOUR score unstuck too!

The video below tells you how I did it and how you can do it too!

My Story 

I was stuck at 620, then I had two revelations that changed EVERYTHING!

When my score got stuck it didn't matter what I did, my score wouldn't budge.  I studied for weeks.  Didn't help.  I took an expensive test prep course.  Didn't help.  I did everything the 'experts' told me to do.  Didn't help. Sound familiar?

Then I figured out how the GMAT ACTAULLY worked and I scored over 700 and went to Wharton.  If I can do it, you can do it too.  I'll show you how!

I'd like a FREE 1/2 hour consultation

Gary C. 

I took a test prep course from a high-end, nationally known test prep company and I was scoring in the mid to low 600s on the GMAT.  I began working with Bruce and I started to see how the test worked.  The curriculum was rigorous and the homework was hard.  But the next time I took the test I got a 700!  In hindsight, I wouldn’t have bothered with the national test prep company – I would have just started with Bruce.

Sonya F.

Just wanted to let you know that I took the test yesterday and got a 750 (a 48 on the quant)!  I am beyond excited about the score and am so grateful to you for helping me get there. 


Frank H.

In a few short months with Bruce, I was able to raise my GMAT score to a 740! 

Teaching is very much about relating to students and teaching concepts.  Bruce does this exceptionally well.  What really helped is that he was able to teach me a variety of ways to approach problems.  And this can’t be understated – Bruce has a great personality.  He is extremely friendly and patient.

Michelle D.  

Bruce did what another GMAT prep course couldn't.  He raised my score to over 700.  I'm applying to top 10 schools.  Thank you!

Sam E. 

I’ll be headed to Harvard Business School in the fall!  I ended up getting into London Business School and Wharton as well.  Overall, great process and I’m so happy with where I landed. Thank you again for all of the GMAT help.  I couldn’t have gotten into HBS without you!


Rascim K.

 The GMAT is one cheeky animal.  Luckily, Bruce helped me tame this test.

I was aiming for a 700 and I am over the moon that I've achieved my goal.  I never thought 700 was possible when I first started preparing, but methodically, and with a lot of encouragement, Bruce helped me get a 720! 

I would, without a moment's hesitation, recommend Bruce to anyone who wants to ace GMAT.   

I'd like a FREE 1/2 hour consultation

Is your GMAT or GRE score stuck?

I understand your frustration.¬† My GMAT score was stuck at about 620.¬† FOREVER!¬† I kept studying on my own ‚Äď but my score wouldn't go up.¬† I took a fancy class that didn't do much (but at least it was expensive).¬† I did everything the 'experts' told me to do and nothing worked. I was clearly missing something.¬† I was pretty much to the point of giving up when I had two revelations that changed EVERYTHING!

Revelation 1

Late one night, it occurred to me that the material on the GMAT wasn't really that hard.  I mean, nobody was asking me to solve differential equations or analyze Moby-Dick.  So what made the test so hard?  The first revelation was that the GMAT isn't hard because of WHAT it asks.  The GMAT is hard because of HOW it asks the questions.  

Revelation 2

Then the second revelation hit me like lightning.  I was studying the wrong stuff.  Instead of studying English and math (like everyone told me to do), I started studying the questions instead.  

That was the key.  I discovered there are markers inside each question that tell you exactly what you're supposed to do. For the first time, I saw clearly how the test actually worked and how to unlock even the hardest problems.  I scored over 700 on my first try and was accepted to Wharton.  

How I help.

I've spent the last 10 years teaching students what I learned so they can ace the GMAT and GRE.  

I teach you HOW the test actually works and what you ACTUALLY need to study to ace the test.  Understanding those two things is the secret to scoring over 720 on the GMAT and over 325 on the GRE. 

What the GMAT and GRE actually test.

The big secret about the GMAT and GRE is that nearly everything on the tests is stuff you learned freshman or sophomore year in high school.  (I know it makes me feel dumb every day.)

You've been told the GMAT and GRE are primarily tests of your¬†English and math skills, so you keep studying English and math.¬† The problem is, that's simply not true ‚Äď that's not really what the tests are about.¬† And that's why your score isn't going up, regardless of how much English and math you study.

The GMAT and GRE are a little about your English and math skills and LOT about two other things nobody is telling you about.  

What you actually need to know to ace the GMAT and GRE.

Doing well on the GMAT and GRE comes down to mastering three things:

  1. Knowing Stuff:  Yes, you have to know all that English and math stuff you've forgotten since freshman year, but that's the stuff you've already been studying.
  2. Question Interpretation:  You have to read a question and immediately know 1. exactly what you've been asked to do (not always obvious) and 2. exactly which steps the test wants you to take in any particular question to get to the right answer.  FAST!  (Definitely not obvious.)  But those two things are in the question if you know what to look for. 
  3. Test Strategy:  Did you know that if you try and get all the question right you'll get killed on the test? I know - completely counter-intuitive.  The scoring algorithm is a bit bizarre to say the least.  So you'll need a deep understanding of the test and a sophisticated test  strategy to maximize your score.  

Learn the skills to score over 675 on the GMAT and over 325 on the GRE.

When we work together in private coaching sessions, you'll learn all three skills.¬† You'll get a rigorous review of all the English and math that show up on the test.¬† You'll learn how to interpret the questions so you can solve them much more quickly and easily.¬† And we'll also create a custom test strategy for you ‚Äď taking into account your specific strengths and weaknesses.

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I'd like a FREE 1/2 hour consultation

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I just want to help you get to your score.  If that's with me, that's GREAT!  If I'm not the right guy to help you, then let's find that out, too. 

Either way, there's no risk to you!

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