I'm Bruce Hanson and I've taught test prep for over 10 years, coached over 1,000 students and learned 1 thing over and over... 

  • Anyone can score 700+ on the GMAT
  • Anyone can score 320+ on the GRE
  • Anyone can score 30+ on the ACT
  • Anyone can score 1300+ on the SAT

You can too! The trick is knowing what these tests ACTUALLY test you on and what you ACTUALLY need to study (hint: it's only kinda about English and math). 

When you understand how the test REALLY works, thing get A LOT EASIER and every hour you study results in a higher and higher score.

Most students are only about 12 weeks away from getting a top score that makes them competitive for the most elite colleges and top graduate programs. 

So what are you waiting for!

Which Test Do You Want to Ace?

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I was a disaster at these tests.  Then one night I had two revelations that changed everything!

If you don't think you can do well on the GMAT, GRE or SAT/ACT, I hear you!  I almost gave up on my dream of going to business school because my GMAT score was terrible.  I share my story here and also my revelations about how these tests actually work and how you can ace these tests just like I did! 


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