You are only 90 days away from getting a top score and getting into your dream school!

Hi!  I'm Bruce Hanson.  I've taught test prep for 10 years, coached over 1,000 students and learned 1 lesson over and over again...

  • ANYONE can score 1300+ on the SAT
  • ANYONE can score 29 + on the ACT

You can too!  The trick is knowing what the test ACTAULLY tests you on and what you ACTUALLY need to study.  (hint:  it's only kinda about English and math). 

After you understand how the test REALLY works, things get A LOT EASIER!  And every hour you study results in a higher and higher score.  

Most students are only about 90 days away from getting a score that makes them competitive for over 75% of the schools in the country.  So what are you waiting for?

But How Much Does it Cost?

We believe the size of your wallet shouldn't determine the size of your opportunities!

The complete  ACT/SAT course costs $50

AND a Money Back Guarantee!

It includes video lessons, printed lessons, quizzes, 1000's of practice problems and 4 complete practice tests with step by step explanations for each question. 

Here at First Choice Admissions we want to help EVERYONE get into the college of their dreams - regardless of their economic situation.  We want to provide world-class test prep to EVERY student.

I have my MBA from Wharton and I wrote the ACT and SAT curriculum for UCLA's VIP program and taught it for years.  That's how I know for sure this course can help you ace the ACT and SAT.


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Eric Latham

Academic Program Director - UCLA

I had the pleasure of working with Bruce as test prep instructor and curriculum designer.  Bruce is an exceptional and passionate test prep instructor who has an ability to break down complex information into easy to understand parts and make challenging material fun and digestible.  Bruce was also consistently rated by his students as one of the top instructors at the school.

David Reynaldo

Founder - College Zoom Admissions

First Choice is simply the best.  From my many years referring families to First Choice Admissions, parents and students always rave about the instruction and always pick First Choice over bigger companies.  Excellent ACT/SAT test prep is hard to come by and I recommend First Choice Admissions without hesitation. 

Lesley Russell

Founder and CEO - Independent Learning Academy

First Choice has been such a blessing to the families in our high school program.  Their outstanding curriculum and stellar results make them stand out as a leader in ACT/SAT test preparation. 

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An Online ACT/SAT Course That's Engaging AND Effective?

Don't believe that's possible? We didn't either - until we did it!  

Click the 30 second video to see for yourself!


Olivia D. 

My daughter's score went up over 160 points to a 1310 and she was able to apply to schools I never thought she would have gotten into.  Thanks so much First Choice Admissions!

Fernando R.

The average ACT score at my daughter's school is 17.  Thanks to First Choice, my daughter scored a 29, the second highest score ever posted at her high school.  


Lisa W.

First Choice Admissions was a life saver!  My daughter had been struggling with test taking for years.  Last winter she participated in a 6-week-long course given by another well known company.  The results?  Her scores actually went down.  4 weeks with First Choice Admissions and she scored considerably higher in every section of the SAT. 

John Austin D.  

First Choice Admissions was amazing!  My composite ACT score was a 32.  The class was a HUGE help.  I couldn't have gotten this score without them. 

Marcus L. 

My ACT super score is now a 35!  Thank you so much for your help - I couldn't have done it without you!


Brennen C.

 I got my score back and I topped 1500 and scored perfectly on the math section!  I couldn't have done it without you!  

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We totally get it.  It's hard to know if a course is right for you until you actually start taking it.


So we make it easy.  If you just don't think the course is right for you – for ANY reason – let us know within 30 days and we will refund ALL of your money.  No muss.  No fuss.  No questions.  

We just want to help you get your score.  If that's with our course - that's great!  If not - that's okay too!

Either way, there's no risk to you!

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