First Choice Admissions Makes World-Class Test Prep Available to Everyone

First Choice Admissions specializes in online/in-person courses designed to raise SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT test scores and get top students into top schools, regardless of testing abilities or financial limitations.

Established on the belief that “the size of your wallet shouldn’t limit the size of your opportunities,” founder/former UCLA Test Prep Instructor and Wharton MBA graduate Bruce Hanson makes world-class test prep more widely accessible by offering a complete, elite-level online self-study SAT/ACT course for just $50. 

“In school, I was always the kid in the back of the class explaining things to my confused classmates,” says Hanson.  “When it came time for me to take the GMAT course, I paid a ton of money to a national test prep company to see my score barely improve.


Not surprisingly, I graduated from Grinnell College with a high school teaching certificate.  The only problem was, I graduated in the middle of a recession and NOBODY was hiring teachers.  So I took the only reasonable path.  I picked up my guitar and became a rock star.  No, really!  Okay, kinda.  We were called Superman Curl and if you were into college radio in the ’90s you might have heard of us.  Otherwise, we were just another of a thousand touring bands coming soon to a club near you!

Frustrated, Hanson applied his own teaching superpower to the GMAT and beat it, clearing 700 on his first attempt.  The secret?  First Choice Admissions reveals how standardized tests actually work, showing that what you know isn’t as important as how you read the question.   

After spending thousands of hours teaching and refining his approach, Hanson has helped hundreds of students hit their goals, shattering their own expectations and gaining acceptance to top schools.  Featuring an innovative approach and materials created by Hanson himself, First Choice Admissions effectively unlocks the success secrets behind today’s standardized tests to boost skills, confidence, and scores ― a lot!  The complete online self-study SAT/ACT course includes video lessons, written lessons, homework sets and four complete practice tests with question-by-question breakdowns.

First Choice Admissions is so effective, they often raise SAT scores over 200 points, ACT scores over 10 points, and make students competitive for National Merit Scholarships.  Plus, every course includes a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more and try a demo course at  Follow @FirstChoiceAdmissions on Instagram for test study tips served up with Hanson’s trademark humor.

First Choice Admissions ― The size of your wallet shouldn’t limit the size of your opportunities!


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