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We often raise SAT scores over 200 points, ACT scores over 9 points, GMAT scores over 100 points and GRE scores over 18 points.

If any of these describe you, we can help!

  • I have good grades but I didn't score that well on the test. 
  • The school that I want to go to requires a really high test score.
  • I feel intimidated by the whole test taking experience.
  • I don't "test well". 

We help clients all over the world - from Los Angeles to New York to London to Qatar!

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Here's what our clients are saying.
Five sessions with First Choice did what an entire GMAT course couldn’t – raise my score from 670 to 720.   I am now able to get into UCLA! Michael H.

Bruce at First Choice is the best tutor I’ve ever had.  He made learning interesting and motivating.  I improved my SAT by 150 points! Matt D.

First Choice was a life saver for my Daughter! Her SAT score went up 60 points after just 4 lessons. Lisa W.

​First Choice is fantastic.  They teach concepts really clearly and also build your confidence at the same time.  My GMAT went from 570 to 670. Christine S.

I would highly recommend First Choice to anyone who is looking to take their score to the next level. Bo E.

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We help students all over the world!